Iron Commissions

What are Iron Commissions?

Iron Commissions (or Hand Forged Iron Works) are art works that have a life expectancy greater than a human.

Iron Commissions are an opportunity to express your ideas in a material that lasts almost forever. When you commission a work of hand forged iron, it can be what your imagination yearns for – a work that may be handed down for generations to come. Black Mountain Iron Works creations are all hand made!

Do you have an idea for a work you would like expressed? Tekla & Dan Howachyn have won many awards in the past for their designs. Black Mountain Iron Works delivers and installs.

“Hand hammered items reflect light when finished with a natural oil and allow the beauty of the texture to shine.”

About the Forged Iron Process

Raw materials from a local steel supplier are purchased by the tons and delivered on a big truck. We use a forklift to unload the steel where it is then placed on racks according to size.

Hot Metal Forge - Black Mountain Iron WorksThe steel is cut to the sizes and shapes needed for the specific project and is then hand forged. A forge is a type of hearth used for heating metals. The steel first goes into the fire. Then the steel is hammered on an anvil while it is red-orange hot.

Once the pieces are made, they are assembled. Various finishes are available depending upon the item being made. Outdoor works are usually finished with a powder coat paint, and indoor works are finished with a natural oil. Hand hammered items reflect light when finished with a natural oil and allow the beauty of the texture to shine.

Black Mountain Iron Works’ Award Winning Designs

Do you need an iron item for your home, garden or public space?

Work In Progress - Black Mountain Iron WorksBlack Mountain Iron Works has been awarded many commissions through the years from private and public entities. The husband-wife team began their business in 1993. Both artists have won individual awards in sculpture competitions as well as awards as a team. Together they have many years of experience in forging steel.

Black Mountain Iron Works has served many different types of needs.

Throughout its history, the company has designed and fabricated:

  • public art for towns and cities:
  • railing for public spaces
  • artistic sculptures for wayfinding signage for public transportation
  • railing for homes
  • lighting for neo-traditional housing communities
  • lighting for churches
  • lighting for home dining tables
  • gates for private communities
  • driveway gates for individual homeowners
  • fire screens for private communities’ shared outdoor spaces
  • fire screens and hearth tools for individuals’ homes
  • dining table bases (both commercially and privately commissioned)
  • console tables
  • end tables

Examples of Iron Commissions for customers:

“Some clients visit the studios to see the actual process while it is being created. There is magic in a blacksmith shop!”

Black Mountain Iron Works Gallery & Studio (Black Mountain, NC)

Our gallery and studios are open to the public on Fridays & Saturdays from 10:00am – 5:00pm and other days by chance. Please call (828-669-1001) ahead to schedule a time to discuss your special project.

At our artist/blacksmith studios, there are two large spaces for each of the artists (Dan & Tekla Howachyn) and a small gallery where one can purchase items already made.

Distance is not a factor for some projects.

Black Mountain Iron Works has made and installed works hundreds of miles from their studio. Clients are welcome to come to the studio. Local and regional customers sometimes visit the studio to discuss their projects. Some clients visit the studios to see the actual process while it is being created. There is magic in a blacksmith shop!

How to start Commissioning a Work in Iron and begin getting a Work made

  1. Contact us to discuss your project – simply send us a message through our contact form, or call us at (828) 669-1001.
  2. A company representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project.
  3. We will send you specific photos of previous iron works similar to your needs and may fit your category. Whether it is a small table or a large piece of outdoor sculpture, Black Mountain Iron Works is ready to create for you.
  4. Once a design is established, a 50% deposit is required in order to begin the project. The remainder is due when the order has been completed. (For larger projects, other arrangements may be made.)
  5. A four to six week time frame is usually needed. If the project is very large, the time required may be longer.

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